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Images and Species Descriptions
Text and photographs © 2011 Jørgen Lissner
The Spiders of Europe and Greenland
Family: Ctenizidae (Cork-Lid Trapdoor Spiders)
Genus: Cteniza Latreille, 1829
Cteniza moggridgei O. P.-Cambridge, 1874
Range: Greece (Mainland)?, Italy (Mainland) (van Helsdingen 2009.1). Global range: France, Italy (Platnick 10.0).
Cteniza sauvagesi (Rossi, 1788)
Range: France (Corsica), Greece (Mainland)?, Italy (Mainland), Italy (Sardinia), Italy (Sicily) (van Helsdingen 2009.1). Global range: Corsica, Sardinia (Platnick 10.0).
Entrance to subterranean tube, lid removed.
Lid to subterranean tube, outside surface.
Lid to subterranean tube, side facing tube.
Female, chelicers with rastellum.
Female, venter.